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Converting plaintext files using VIM

I work with mixed environments: some people using Windows, some people using Linux (or Mac). If you are in the same situation, a common scenario is to be working on a remote linux server and to find a file in DOS format, or running a git pull command and receiving a file in this format from someone who uses Windows.

Converting the file format

If you have the tofrodos package installed, this problem is easily solved with fromdos command … but if you don’t, you can use vim to convert the format by simply openning the file, setting the file format and then saving it:

:set ff=unix

and that’s it, now the file os converted to unix format.

Converting the file encoding

Another great feature of vim and which also saves lots of time is: encoding conversion. As I live in Brazil, it’s common to find ISO-8859-1 files and when it happens, converting it back to UTF-8 is as simple as openning the file on vim, setting the file encoding and saving it:

:set fenc=utf-8

Actually, I’m used to convert file encodings using vim, but the file format I just discovered this week and it saved a lot of time. It’s nice to see how usefull one single tool can be! :)