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Displaying directories first in Mac OSX

I’m a linux user which recently moved to Mac. Most of the time I’m using the Terminal application and something I really miss in the commad ls of Mac is that it does not have the option --group-directories-first.

$ ls --group-directories-first
/bin/ls: illegal option -- -

Installing commands from coreutils

First of all, you need to install the command ls from coreutils, what is the same package that runs in all common linux distributions. You can use brew you install coreutils:

$ brew install coreutils

By default, all the commands will be installed using the prefix “g” so now you have the following:

$ gls --group-directories-first

If you, like me, want to always use the standard ls command from coreutils, you can add the following alias at your $HOME/.bashrc file:

alias ls='gls --color=auto --group-directories-first'